Saman Boutique Hotel is located in Las Terrenas, one of the most charming and authentic villages of the Samana peninsula. A short distance from the beach our dream has become true, a small 24 room boutique hotel with its common areas designed for a perfect rest and fun. A hotel, which owes its name to the saman tree, decorated with the utmost care where nature and gastronomy play a primary role.

Taíno Indians, samanes, humpback whales or turtles, illustrate together with hundreds of words, the walls of the hotel. Some paintings and poetries which will introduce our guests in an almost story form, in the history of the hotel and its link with the nature and culture of Samana.

“We want you to discover a special place where time goes by slowly. A paradise surrounded by jungle and paradisiacal beaches”


Our philosophy means traveling with intensity, get in touch with the culture and way of life of the Samana peninsula. We conceive Saman Boutique Hotel as a different place, designed for a traveler who likes to really know the places he visits, interact with people and immerse in the local culture and traditions.

We want our guests to feel the same thing that captivated us the first time we arrived here. We want you to explore Las Terrenas, get a close know of the beaches of Samaná, its gastronomy, its landscapes, the bachata dance… in short, that you make the most of their trip to the Dominican Republic.

“The ideal place for the traveler to relax, have fun and live the essence of the Dominican Republic. Saman Boutique Hotel is the perfect starting point for a vacation in Samana